The highest quality standards, the latest designs, and the best work team specialized in carrying out the work

Basmat Alriyadhah office for engineering consultancy

It is one of the engineering consultancy offices that specializes in providing all engineering services in all its fields, including consulting, designs, supervision, studies, quality control, inventory of quantities, and project coordination. In adopting the best quality standards and selecting a qualified work team that meets the expectations and aspirations of customers.


Our mission revolves around establishing the concept of total quality within our field of work on the one hand and providing the Saudi youth with the services provided by the office on the other hand. It also to achieve the best engineering services that meet their needs and to rise integrated to the latest technologies and international standards


We seek to keep pace with the vision of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 2030, so we carry a long-term vision that is reflected in reaching the highest levels of excellence and leadership in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and becoming the first and preferred reference for all those wishing to obtain the highest levels of quality in the field of engineering consultancy, designs, and project follow-up.


Establishing values in the work team guarantees us sustainability based on the satisfaction and confidence of our customers through:

  • Mutual respect with all customers
  • Full honesty and integrity at work
  • Follow up on customer satisfaction and needs
  • Accuracy and punctuality


We aim to establish sustainable and environmentally friendly concepts through:

  • Reaching the highest standards of professionalism in providing services
  • Keeping pace with modernity and urban development permanently
  • Ensure that our work is of the best quality
  • Ensuring the safety of the work team

Architectural Design

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engineering drawings

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engineering supervision

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Issuance of building permits

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We offer our customers a range of distinguished services that we have been developing on a permanent basis through a group of engineers and specialists in the field of engineering and architectural design and engineering supervision to provide you with the best-distinguished services


We create the initial idea of the design and then we start implementing the necessary plans to implement the design through engineering designs and three-dimensional designs and implement all that is required from calculating quantities and selecting materials

Implementation Follow-up

Implementation begins after completion of the design process for the works of public sites or construction and architectural sites. The implementation of internal and external decoration works, electrical and mechanical works is followed up

Supervision and project management

During the implementation phase, it is necessary to secure the appropriate team to supervise the implementation, and we, in turn, always focus on appointing the necessary team to supervise and verify the conformity of the design on the ground and prepare the necessary reports and submit them periodically to the owner

Surveying works and contour maps

During the implementation of the project, the necessary surveying of the project areas, calculating the quantities of excavation and backfilling, preparing the necessary plans, cadastral signature of roads and infrastructure lines, in addition to preparing cadastral and contour maps.

Hydrological Studies

We prepare hydrological studies, assess flood risks, perform calculations, analyses, and statistics for all different sites in the Kingdom, design various hydrological solutions, and prepare maps and models needed for those studies

Road and bridge works

It begins by preparing the initial design, preparing value studies, and structural and geometric designs for roads, calculating quantities, supervising the implementation of various road projects, and their maintenance, and preparing the necessary reports for them


Customer service steps

All our projects are carried out in certain stages in which we are always keen to be implemented with the highest quality standards and in record time according to the following stages:

Receive a service request

We always strive to understand the client's requests and needs, whether they are engineering consultancies or engineering and architectural designs, and take the necessary details that we are working on to analyze very accurately.

prepare a quotation to the customer

After confirming the validity of all requirements, we analyze and study the data and provide the best suitable price for the customer according to the project. We are always keen to understand the customer's needs and meet his desires.

Execution of the service to the customer

The project implementation process begins after giving us approval from the client and is completed within the specified time according to the contract concluded with the client. The work is delivered with the highest quality and high reliability and ensures that there are no errors.

Some customer reviews

We are proud of our customers’ opinions about our services that we provide in the field of engineering consultancy, and we show you some of them

Be Consult Office designed my home for them, and it was, God willing, blessed be God, an excellent and elaborate job, wonderful interior designs and facade designs, and they did not fail with us in the many modifications haha .. Frankly, an office that deserves trust and they have a good reputation and their prices are sweet and appropriate .. Thank you

Mansour Alsbaiee

By virtue of my previous experience in engineering consulting offices and my dealings with them, I found that the office of Be consult is one of the best offices in the city of Riyadh, and they have distinctive creative ideas and they provided us with excellent services and distinguished quality.

Reem Alnhelan

During the construction of my house, I needed an understanding consultant who would supervise the construction and implementation works so that the work would be correct and in conformity with the designs. Indeed, this is what Be consult office did, and I am very happy with my dealings with them, and I wish them well always.

Saad Albraik

Office Contacting

We provide our services in various regions of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and you can contact us through the data shown below

Riyadh City - Al Shuhada District

The Cross of Khaled bin Al-Waleed Street with Imam Abdullah bin Saud

0598888197 - 0593331194