We strive to serve you with the highest quality standards

We do our work according to accurate technical standards and we are always keen to provide our best services with the highest quality standards and in a record time…

We offer you the best architectural and engineering designs

The office engineers work with professionalism and professionalism to ensure your satisfaction and happiness with our modern and elegant designs that meet all customers’ tastes and needs. Here are some of these selected designs.

external frontispieces designs

Interior designs

Residential and architectural designs

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We guarantee you the best solutions, from design to supervision and implementation

We strive to provide the best possible solutions to our customers, and we aspire to elevate you and with you to the ranks of the leading companies in the field of engineering consultancy.

the design

We create the initial design idea, then we start implementing the necessary plans to implement the design through engineering designs, three-dimensional designs, and the implementation of all that is required from calculating quantities and choosing materials


Implementation begins after the completion of the design process for public site works or construction and architectural sites. Interior and exterior decoration works and electrical and mechanical works are implemented.

Supervision and project management

During the implementation phase, it is necessary to secure the appropriate team to supervise the implementation, and we, in turn, always focus on appointing the necessary team to supervise, verify the conformity of the design on the ground, and prepare the necessary reports and submit them periodically to the owner.

Survey works and contour maps

During the implementation of the project, the necessary surveying of the project areas is carried out, the quantities of excavations and fillings are calculated, the necessary plans are prepared, and the surveying of roads and infrastructure lines is carried out, in addition to the preparation of cadastral and contour maps.

Hydrological studies

We prepare hydrological studies, assess flood risks, perform calculations, analyzes and statistics for all different sites in the Kingdom, design various hydrological solutions, and prepare maps and models that are needed for these studies.

Road and bridge works

It begins by preparing the initial design, preparing value studies, structural and geometric designs for roads, calculating quantities, supervising the implementation of various road projects and their maintenance, and preparing the necessary reports for them.

Civil and structural engineering

Everything related to low-rise, high-rise, and high-rise buildings (unlimited) and conducting a geotechnical study for deep foundations, solid structures, prefabricated structures, prefabricated structures, as well as HIIRC

electrical engineering

Architectural Lighting Engineering / Facade Lighting, Hotel Information Systems, Energy Management Control System (EMCS), LT Electrical Installations, HT Electrical Installations, Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS), Fixings, Street Lighting, Vertical and Horizontal Transmission Supervision


Preparing master planning - urban planning, urban design, preparing strategic planning for landscapes, preparing master planning for educational facilities, residential cities, resorts, and everything that is a destination for visitors

customer service stages

All our projects are completed in certain stages in which we are always keen to implement them with the highest quality standards and in record time according to the following stages:

Receive the service request

We always strive to understand customers’ requests and needs, whether it is engineering consulting or engineering and architectural designs, and take the necessary details that we are analyzing very accurately.

Provide a price offer to the customer

After confirming the validity of the information, we analyze and study the data and provide the best suitable price for the customer according to the project. We are always keen to understand the customer's needs and meet his desires.

Implementation of the service for the customer

The project implementation process begins after giving us approval from the client and is completed within the specified time according to the contract concluded with the client. The work is delivered with the highest quality and high reliability and ensuring that there are no errors.

Frequently questions from customers

The office operates according to licenses and statutory and legal documents issued by the official and valid authorities that authorize it to carry out all engineering, supervisory and consulting works. It has the ability to issue construction licenses, building completion certificates and other documents.

We offer our dear customers continuous service even after the completion of the implementation of the project, and we work hard to obtain the satisfaction of the work and earn it as a permanent client of the office.

Of course, a complete planning and design can be done for any existing building or under construction. The office implements the necessary plans, studies the site, makes the necessary designs and supervises until completion.

The office is located in the city of Riyadh, Al-Shuhada district, and there are no branches yet. We seek to expand, God willing and open other branches throughout the Kingdom in the future.