to know us, your trust in us is our goal

We are always keen to provide the client with the opportunity to get to know us closely and understand our style and the way we work because this increases mutual trust and gives us the opportunity to provide all our distinguished experiences that contribute to the client’s satisfaction and his continuity in dealing with us

Who we are

Basmat Alriyadhah for engineering consultancy includes an integrated team consisting of civil engineers, architects, and consultants in providing various engineering and consulting services we have been working since the establishment of the office to activate the spirit of cooperation and participation and made the office a distinguished model of sincerity and dedication to work.

We are keen, first, to win the trust of our customers by dealing well and providing the best service so that the customer is always happy with his dealings with the office


Our mission revolves around establishing the concept of total quality within our field of work on the one hand and providing the Saudi youth guys with the expertise provided by the office, on the other hand, We are also working to achieve customer satisfaction by providing the best engineering services that meet their needs and to advance our work to keep pace with the latest technologies, international standards, and high quality.


We strive to keep pace with Saudi Arabia's vision 2030, We carry a long-term vision that is reflected in reaching the highest levels of excellence and leadership in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and becoming the first and preferred reference for all those wishing to obtain the highest levels of quality in the field of engineering consultancy, designs, and project follow-up.


We aim to establish sustainable and environmentally friendly concepts by reaching the highest standards of professionalism in providing services, keeping pace with modernity and urban development on a permanent basis, and ensuring that we provide our work with the best quality and emphasizing the safety of the work team.


Establishing values in the work team guarantees us sustainability based on the satisfaction and trust of our customers through mutual respect with all customers, full honesty and integrity at work, the follow-up to customer satisfaction and needs, accuracy and punctuality

Our passion is our strength

Since the establishment of the office of Basmat Alriyadhah for engineering consultancy, our passion began in design, supervision, and implementation, despite some of the difficulties and challenges we faced at the beginning of the launch, we were able to transcend that stage to start a new era titled success and the source of its strength is passion

Our motivation and inspiration

We derive our motivation and inspiration through our desire to be a destination for every individual in the community by leaving a unique mark on us. We spend most of our time in order to achieve this goal to contribute to improving our society and make a difference by facing difficult tasks and work and providing solutions with passion and without compromise, Whether it is at the lowest or highest levels

What our customers said

Our success partners are our customers and their opinions are our focus

During the construction of my house, I needed a consultant, who understood the construction and implementation works so that the work would be correct and conform to the designs. Indeed, this is what they did, Basmat Alriyadhah office, I am very happy with my dealings with them, and I wish them good always, and God willing, I will have a permanent deal with them.

Saad Albraik

I designed my house with Basmat Al-Riyadah office, it was an excellent and elaborate job, The interior designs and the designs of the facades were amazing. They did not fail us in the many modifications. Haha… Frankly, an office worthy of trust and they have a good reputation and their prices are good and appropriate.. Thank you

Mansor AlSibaie

I, by virtue of my previous experience in engineering consultancy offices and my dealings with them, found that it is the leadership imprint office of the best offices in the city of Riyadh. 

I hope the best to them …

Reem Alnhelan